RIGA is looking for models 

We update or create new packaging every year and to do this, we are constantly searching for sweet new faces to display on our products.

Cats, dogs, rodents, birds or hens… our search is far-reaching and means any pet can become a star in the aisles. What could be better than seeing a close-up image of your pet on a treats packet for sale in the largest retail and e-commerce businesses in France and internationally?
dog french bouledogue RIGA

What does it take to be a model on our packaging?

> Position your pet in front of a plain background

> Take a photo in 300 dpi with minimum grain size

> Take the photo head on and/or at a three-quarter view

To take part, send your photo to tatariga@riga-sa.fr, or via WeTransfer to the same address if there are several photos.


We are looking for cats, dogs, birds, rodents, hens, fish, turtles... in fact, almost any kind of pet. Black, white, multicoloured, big, small, with blue or brown eyes, there is no physical barrier.


Every animal that is selected for our packaging will receive a treat and a toy as thanks for having posed as a model. We will also make a short advert to put on our social media (Facebook, Instagram and/or Youtube).


We can’t wait to see them all!

A stunning photo!
chat chien riga mannequin pack