Coat care

Even if cats clean themselves, it can be useful to complement this with adequate and regular care. Cleaning stimulates blood circulation and helps reduce furballs in the stomach by eliminating dead hair from the coat.

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I’m very pleased with this shampoo for my Persians, their coat is beautifully silky and fairly tangle free. GC51
It’s easy to use, great for my cat’s nose and eyes; it’s just perfect. Valérie Renard

Pet care

Looking after your cat is essential for its health and wellbeing. Check its eyes, ears, teeth, coat and paw pads to be able to give the right information whenever a problem occurs.

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Remember to protect your cat from any harmful external factors (fleas and ticks). Keep its bedding and habitat clean to guarantee a healthy and harmonious coexistence in your home.

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‘STOP microbe’ means I can clean and disinfect everything after my cat has been on long walks. Amazon customer
I’m very satisfied with this brush, it’s perfect and very soft. My cat loves it. Pauline41


It’s well-known that cats are capable of keeping themselves clean. But you can strengthen the bond with your cat by taking part in the grooming process, as well as being able to check it is in good health.

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Food supplements

There are some periods in the year or times in life when a cat’s diet should be supplemented to keep it in good health.

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My cat’s coat looks fantastic with these food supplements. Arnaud Lb