Balls and ropes

Build on your relationship with your pet while stimulating it with physical and mental activity through play. Plaited ropes are perfect to satisfy its instinctive need to chew.

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When I want to play with my dog, I can choose from my large collection of toys by RIGA; there are balls, ropes and lots of others it likes! José C
Finally, a toy that can stand up to my dog!!!! My wallet is a lot healthier since I’ve stopped buying new ones all the time; I’ve had this toy for 8 months and my Staffordshire Terrier hasn’t destroyed it yet. AurélieH


These extra-strong items made from hard rubber are ideal for dogs that like to chew on toys. Some can hide food pellets to provide dogs with entertainment and exercise. These strong toys are for dogs with lots of bite!

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Latex and soft toys

You’ll always find the ideal item for your dog in our range, whether it’s for entertainment or to give it a new cuddly bed companion.

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Thanks to RIGA, my dog has soft toys in the form of a duck, turtle, giraffe, pig, hedgehog, etc. There’s always one he likes to play with. CamilleH
A very strong product that is ideal for dogs to chew on and keep their teeth healthy. My dog loves it and I would recommend it to anyone. Nicolas

Other toys

To stimulate your dog during its activities. Exercise is essential to maintain your dog’s well-balanced character and help strengthen the emotional bonds between pet and owner.

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