For the third consecutive year, RIGA is showing its commitment to the animal welfare cause. Animals do not have a voice, so we speak up for them! 

To date, RIGA has helped more than 15 different organisations by donating products and promoting the cause on our various social network pages. 

We have also helped Suzi Handicap during two Christmas tombolas, HardCore Cares France by donating products following consumer shows at which we were present, as well as Coeur de Félins and the LPA de Lille (Animal Protection League). Suzi Handicap works, like Artémis, towards rehabilitating and providing equipment for disabled animals, most of which are dogs. The idea for HardCores Cares France comes from the United States and this organisation helps and organises the adoption of Molosser breeds of dog. As for Coeur de Félins, #ConcoursSIA19 was initially responsible for taking charge of, caring for and organising the adoption of cats from all over the region. However, following many calls for assistance, its President, Catherine, soon opened her doors to dogs, rodents and farm animals like Asterix the turkey

To finish the year with a bang, 30 Millions d'Amis managed to close down a ‘factory-breeder’ where more than 2,500 exotic pets were discovered in a pitiful state. 
Cramped cages piled up on top of each other right up to the ceiling, being forced to reproduce at a very fast rate, minimum care and no contact with people; such were the poor conditions of these animals destined to be sold

We are currently speaking about 450 rabbits, 650 guinea pigs, 300 gerbils, 40 degus and hundreds of mice and rats that have had to be evacuated and above all, housed by the Foundation, which did not have any spare room. 

Catherine Fasquel, President of the Cœur de Felins organisation we have supported for over a year, immediately offered to house about sixty. Naturally, we answered the call for donations to help these poor animals. We sent dozens of treats and Menu Premium to make sure they would have a healthy diet. 

We have also recently provided support to the P'tites Pattes sans frontieres organisation, which took in more than 50 rodents as a result of this scandal. Here again, we sent a dozen Menu Premium to help it in response to a request for donations on Facebook.

souris hamster gerbilles lapins riga