The winners of "La Truffe d'Or" 

Following the first edition of our great competition "La Truffe d'Or" (The Golden Snout), we had the great pleasure of receiving nearly a hundred videos, each more touching than the next, featuring dogs, cats, rodents and hobby farming. Between complicity, humour, script research, we would never have thought we would discover such beautiful films.
But after a great day of viewing with our jury, we are pleased to once again highlight our four winners:
La Truffe d'Or (the golden snout) : Violette and Nisa
"It was a few months after the departure of my first dog that Nisa came into my life, she is a bitch who is full of energy and who only wants to be loved. She arrived home at 2 months old and since then we have evolved a lot. We loved being able to participate in this competition, which allowed us to share our story but also to discover some of the most touching duets. We are really happy to have won this contest, I still don't realize, a big thank you to you."
Discover his video by clicking here.
La Truffe d'Argent (the silver snout) : Lauralie, Mistral and Meïvy
"This fabulous contest has encouraged us to step outside our comfort zone. Indeed, even if I love making regular short videos with my dogs, I would never have had the idea to do this scenario based on complicity. Even though Mistral and Meïvy were not adopted from a shelter, I loved directing a video about two dogs coming out of a cage, whose education was totally to be done. I have great memories of the shooting, because we had to use tricks to make the dogs so unmanageable... thank you to the team for this opportunity!"
Discover his video by clicking here.
La Truffe de Bronze (the bronze snout) : Silvia and Lucky
"I met Lucky on the first day of my vacation in the Azores, almost a year ago. I met her eyes while I was at the restaurant, exhausted after a beautiful day of surfing. And since then, everything has changed, we are no longer left. I loved sharing our story with La Truffe d'Or for one simple reason: I hope that our beautiful complicity will make many more people want to adopt one of the millions of dogs who live on the street or in shelters and who only dream of being loved."
Discover his video by clicking here.
The jury's favourite : Elsa and Bounty
"On the occasion of my 10th birthday, I was offered a rabbit. I called him Bounty. I dreamed of having a rabbit but I didn't think it would give so much love; for 4 years, we haven't left each other! I take him with me to the forest or to the beach, he loves it! Even during the holidays, he follows us. In the morning when I get up, he comes with me to my bed and kisses me. In the spring, we garden together. I am delighted to have participated in the Golden Truffle competition and to change people's minds, because it is not just a rabbit, it makes me happy, I tell him my secrets, I feel like he understands me... I love him more than anything!"
Discover his video by clicking here.