The peanuts or peanuts seeds are nutritious and energetic for wild birds. They are rich in fats and vitamins. They supply 50% of fats until 30% of proteins and an high quantity of vitamins.

Picto - Arachides
Rich in peanuts

Enriched in fats and proteins, peanuts for wild birds are very nutritious and energetic during the colder periods.

Picto - Plus produit
Ready to use

This complementary feed consists of 100% dried larvae of mealworms.

Picto - Plus produit
Ideal for winter

Thanks to its composition, this ideal nutritious snack helps your wild birds fight against cold season.

Available in
  • 5kg
Peeled sunflower seeds.
Distribute at will to your birds and remove every day contaminated seeds.
Even in winter, be sure to provide the birds with the water they need