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This nutritive MENU FLAKES contains cereals flakes covered with energetic fats which enable to birds to resist to very cold seasons. Give to your wild birds at any season but most particularly in autumn or winter. The blue tits, robins, sparrows, thrushes, goldfinches and other birds will regularly come to feed

Rich in proteins

Protein content is important for the bird which has a little natural resource of protein in its diet. This is particularly important in periods of extreme cold, when food is scarce for wild birds.

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Ideal for reproduction

Because of its composition, this fatty mixture is ideal to help the birds hold the winter.

With nuts

The high content of unsaturated fatty acids and lecithin. Nuts promote the proper functioning of metabolism.

Available in
  • 2kg
Cereals, oils and fats, vegetable extract proteins, nuts, minerals, fruit.
Distribute at will to your birds and remove every day contaminated seeds.
Even in winter, be sure to provide the birds with the water they need