Dried insects

This food with insects and crustaceans is an energetic snack for birds. It is very appreciated by insectivorous and granivorous which feed theirs little birds with insects. Many of them love them : tits, wrens, wren, blackbirds, thrushes, woodpeckers.

Picto - Plus produit
With insects and crustaceans

Enriched in fats and proteins, peanuts for wild birds are very nutritious and energetic during the colder periods.

Calcium intake

Dried insects are a natural source of calcium

Picto - Plus produit
Ideal for winter

Thanks to its composition, this ideal nutritious snack helps your wild birds fight against cold season.

Available in
  • 140g
Molluscs and crustaceans, insects (40% of dried larvae mealworms)
Even in winter, be sure to provide the birds with the water they need