This chewing bone is essentially composed of beef skin promoting a good dental hygiene.

MACH'OS Pressed bones x 10

  • Dogs by nature need to gnaw and chew. MACH’OS PURE is manufactured with naturally dried cow hide with no additives. It provides very good exercise for jaws and the chewing muscles, while constituting an excellent pastime for your pet. With a chewing action, MACH’OS acts like a toothbrush against dental plaque and tartar, which are a cause of bad breath. MACH’OS PURE is a tasty product, encouraging healthy and daily chewing. This item is not a food and does not replace a full diet.

Raw material

Plus produit

For dental health

Dental care chiens

For distraction

Technological additives
Crude protein 80% - moisture 18%.
Mach'os? They’re the only treats that last more than 30 seconds with my dog! Marg0x