Vitamin solution - Invigorating

During periods of physiological stress, such as moulting, laying season or seasonal and habitat changes, birds may require supplementation with vitamins and amino acids. This toning solution enriched in particular vitamins and essential aminoacids, avoids deficiencies and increases the bird resistance when he is ill. It stimulates a quick and harmonious growth of young birds.

Rich in vitamins A-D3-E

Provides bird's energy.

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Essential amino-acids

Avoids deficiencies by providing essential amino acids to birds that can not be synthesized on their own.

Plus produit

Increases the resistance of your bird.

Available in
  • 30ml
Monopropylene glycol, Magnesium sulphate anhydrous, Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast.
Nutritional additives
Vitamines : Chlorure de Choline (3a890) : 20 000 mg, Vitamine A (3a672c) : 1 500 000 UI, Vitamine B1 (3a820) : 250 mg, Vitamine B12 : 1 mg, Vitamine B2 : 250 mg, Vitamine B5 (3a842) : 500 mg, Vitamine B6 (3a831) : 150 mg, Vitamine C (3a300) : 10 000 mg, Vitamine D3 (E671) : 80 000 UI, Vitamine E (3a700) : 15 000 mg, Vitamine H (3a880) : 3 mg, Vitamine K3 (3a710) : 25 mg, Vitamine PP (3a315) : 200 mg Acides aminés : Lysine (3.2.3.) : 3 000 mg, Méthionine (3c302) : 1 500 mg
Technological additives
Agiter avant usage et à diluer dans l’eau de boisson. Pour maintenir l’oiseau en condition physique optimale : 15 gouttes dans 50 ml d’eau de boisson, 2 à 3 fois par semaine (renouveler la préparation à chaque fois).